Friday, August 9, 2013

it's FRIDAY. FRIDAY. gotta get down on FRIDAY.

Happy fabulous, heartbreaking, last Friday of the summer to me. This time next week, I'll be in a super cute classroom, surrounded by lots of high schoolers who are desperately trying not to fall asleep. But then we are jetting off to a mini vacation weekend that we are super excited about so really, it all balances out.

This week has been steady. Filled with grocery shopping, gymming it up, and finishing my classroom. But on Monday, we were lucky enough to take our boys to hit the zoo.

I've been kicking my own butt with the medicine ball and running lately! I equally love and hate it. 

My teacher corner in my classroom... seriously am in love with what I've done in there this year. 

Out of all the zoos in the area (there are about 3), we just love going to Brookfield Zoo. It's obviously more expensive than the other two options (both free, with the exception of parking) but it's worth every single penny.

When we got to the zoo on Monday, it was perfect zoo weather. Cool, cloudy... I love walking around in weather like that! The raindrops that fell on us a couple of times didn't bother us one bit. Sadly the dolphin exhibit and show were closed. So sad. But our kids had a blast with their cousin, we enjoyed ourselves, and our oldest is already planning that he wants to return there for their New Years Eve event that they host each year!

The "Dinosaurs Alive" exhibit was really awesome!

We couldn't have asked for a better way to wrap up our summer! 

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Lynnette K. said...

Love your teacher corner! And girl, next time you go to Brookfield - CALL ME! We can meet! :)